Sunday, October 10, 2004

New nav

As you might have noticed they have made a new navagation bar onto habbo. Most people can live with it, although it still dosent have popular rooms and more. There was a protestAlso here is a picture of the new nav!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

New rare!

Another new rare has been released in Uk habbo for 25 credits!Is it worth it? Vote in our poll this week because its about rares, anyway the rare is red amber lamp! Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2004

UK email reply about LEMONZ!! filter


This is I have no idea why your name is filtered on the US site.


So that's what UK say but I have contacted USA and they should email back soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Name: LEMONZ!! unacceptable in USA hotel management!

The name LEMONZ!! is unacceptable in USA habbo! Why? I emailed them asking! They havn't replied yet. But more updates will be posted

Usa Habbo.

Now from my point of veiw, i have absoloutly no problems with the usa habbo. But- i have noticed, maybe some of you have as well, that there really isn't any improvements at all! They've just renamed all of the public rooms, and made a different looking hotel!!! So why go on usa habbo if you used to be registered on uk habbo?? I have nothing against the usa habbo though... :) Please post your comments and tell us which habbo you prefere... Thank You.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

USA habbo open for all

USA habbo open for all! Although still not many people on it! Why? Because for half of the people it still dosen't work! But they should try to fix this. Anyway this is what it looks like:

Barely anyone on USA habbo!

Hardly anyone in Usa habbo. But why? Free credits and 1month of free habbo club! Why isn't anyone on? Are they just sticking to UK habbo, or doesn't there computer work on it? Mainly because some users cannot get access to USA habbo they still get the old message! What is going on? Maybe it will take a couple of weeks. Keep checking here for details!

Petal patch off CA habbo rares!

Petal patches are now not on sale on CA habbo so they will return to there usual rare trade price. Did YOU buy one? If you didn't you missed your chance! Try another time with a different rare, well when one comes out!

New poll

You have to vote which is your least favourite school subject, vote now, It's really cool! Click here

September 15th USA habbo open for all according to email:

Habbo Hotel USA is currently in a Beta, or testing, phase. During this phase we use technical means to block people whose IP addresses show that they are not in the US, Canada or the UK. In some cases, even if you live in the US, Canada or the UK, you may be blocked. Examples of this are if you have a satellite IP address, or if your ISP routes your connection through another country. Unfortunately we cannot do anything to unblock individual IP addresses. Habbo Hotel USA opens fully on September 15, 2004. On this day people from all countries will be able to register and check in. Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment.

Usa habbo not letting anyone but Usa citizens on!

Click HERE for a picture of it
USA Habbo hotel not letting Uk habbos on for the testing phase! Note this is just for the testing phase!

Official habbo fan sites!

The top 15 official habbo fan sites have been listed (in order):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Rares all about!

Rares all about!


More hotels do have the speakers corner for 20creds, like here is a picture from it!

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